Incentivize Stronger

With The Spa & Wellness Gift Card

Incentivize Stronger by combining monetary value with the emotional value of a wellness-focused incentive. The Spa & Wellness Gift Card offers access to thousands of wellness services including; massages, meditation sessions, fitness classes, nutrition classes… and much more.

Why It Works

An Experiential Incentive

With Long-Term Impact

Uniquely combine cash value and the strength of an experiential incentive with The Spa & Wellness Gift Card. This effective and memorable incentive will motivate employees and clients by offering unprecedented access to thousands of wellness services.

  • Impactful

    Create authentic connections with a wellness incentive that shows both care and consideration for your team/clients. The Spa & Wellness Gift Card is an experiential tool that gives your employees or clients the ability to enjoy wellness services with others or by themselves. Make a lasting impact by helping to create positive experiences.

  • Dynamic

    With over 9,000 participating locations, The Spa & Wellness Gift Card network is the largest in North America. With thousands of wellness services and classes offered, everyone, no matter location, can find an experience they will enjoy.

  • Accesible

    The Spa & Wellness Gift Card is an on-demand solution that you can count on to be fast and flexible

    1. Never Expires
    2. Custom Designs Available
    3. Fast & Easy Bulk Ordering
    4. Direct-to-inbox Digital Delivery

Don’t take our word for it

What people are saying...

"We had great success with the Spa & Wellness Gift Card as a promotional tool for a Mother's Day campaign. Adding the card to our offer gave us the competitive edge that helped us outperform our goals!"

― Airline Industry ―

“The Spa & Wellness Gift Card is a favorite that we use year after year for our raffle. Winners LOVE to get the chance to enjoy a day at the spa or pass on the gift of wellness to a loved one."

― Raffle Industry ―

“We use The Spa & Wellness Gift Card as an incentive for our Sales Team. It's been a great solution for us because the team appreciates receiving it and it's super easy to order and distribute as needed! ”

― Advertising Industry ―

A Multipurpose Incentive

Promotional Incentive

Use to drive additional value to clients and consumers

How it works?

Create a bundled offer or use as a value-add to increase conversion

Participation Incentive

Use to help increase program participation for clients or employees

How it works?

Offer the card as a free incentive to encourage client survey participation or even increase program signups

Performance Incentive

Use to drive action or encourage growth creating meaningful improvments

How it works?

Add as an incentive to surpass sales goals or deliver projects before deadlines

Raffle Prizing

Use as a raffle or giveaway prize

How it works?

With 9,000+ partner locations across the country offering thousands of services, the Gift Card works well for both local and national prize needs.

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