Reward Smarter

With The Spa & Wellness Gift Card
Go beyond traditional recognition methods
and help your team create healthy habits.

Reward Smarter by giving your employees the power of choice and supporting their long-term health. With thousands of wellness experiences available at 9,000+ locations nationwide, your team can choose the service that best suits their needs.

Why It Works

Genuine Appreciation

goes a long way

The Spa & Wellness Gift Card will serve as a token of well-being offering experiential wellness opportunities to all employees.

When placed in a rewards program, it reinforces recognition of your teams’ hard work while demonstrating your genuine support in helping them create and sustain healthy habits.

  • Thoughtful

    Offer authentic and genuine recognition with The Spa & Wellness Gift Card. Granting your team unlimted access to thousands of wellness services and classes, from hot stone massages, to chiropractic care and fitness classes, this reward has value far beyond its denomination.

  • Effective

    Thoughtful rewards like The Spa & Wellness Gift Card create goodwill and prove to your employees the value you place on their work. This creates loyalty amongst your team and leads to greater productivity and dedication towards the company's larger goals.

  • Flexible

    The Spa & Wellness Gift Card is a fast & flexible on-demand solution

    1. Direct API Integration Available
    2. Custom Denominations from $10-$500
    3. Gift Card Never Expires
    4. Direct-to-inbox Digital Delivery

Don’t take our word for it

What people are saying...

"We have had a rewards program for a long-time, employee feedback has been that options were too specific, or not of interest. The Spa & Wellness Gift Card was a way for us to offer a versatile solution, whose value was easily recognized.

― Marketing Agency ―

“We were looking for a reward for our remote team that we could deliver fast - The Spa & Wellness Gift Card was the perfect solution! "

― SaaS Industry ―
A Small Ripple Can Cause A Big Wave

A Reward That Creates Habits

“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event – it is a habit”

― Aristotle―
  • Reward The triumphs

    Cement positive actions into habit by offering an experiential wellness reward that has impact when given and again when experienced.

  • Support Healthy Living

    Help employees create and maintain healthy living habits with unprecedented access to thousands of wellness services and classes nationwide.


    Build loyalty to help create successful habits by generating consistent positive connections with a thoughtful reward like The Spa & Wellness Gift Card.

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