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A Dynamic Wellness Benefit that creates results

Whether enhancing an existing wellness program or adding your company’s first wellness solution, we offer the ability to Deliver Wellness with ease. It’s time to create a healthy, productive, and collaborative workplace.

Why It Works

We Make Wellness Accessible

Invest in your biggest Asset - Your Team

Quality wellness benefits are key in corporate recruitment and retention. In today’s corporate culture, more and more companies are adding wellness solutions to their employee benefit packages, to make them stronger and more appealing.

With the growing demand for team diversity and remote work, how do you offer an effective benefit that everyone can take advantage of equally?

The Answer: Offer The Benefit of Access & Choice

One Card. 9,000 Locations.

Valid at over 9,000 locations nationwide The Spa & Wellness Gift Card is a solution that fits teams of all sizes and all locations. Featuring the largest network in North America, this dynamic wellness benefit is an experiential tool that offers unprecedented access to wellness services across the country.

Thousands of Services

Valid for thousands of wellness services and classes, The Spa & Wellness Gift Card will give your team inexhaustible choices.

Top Services Include:

  • Massages
  • Fitness Classes
  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Mindfullness Sessions

Never Expires

A truly valuable wellness benefit is accessible and useful when your employee most needs it. The Spa & Wellness Gift Card never expires and never depreciates.

Our Wellness Benefits

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Life-Balance Benefit

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Implement our Life-Balance Benefit to help support your employees in their efforts to find balance in their personal and professional lives.

The Results:
  • Increases retention by allowing employees to tailor their wellness benefit to their preferences
  • Boosts work performance by decreasing employee stress levels through relaxing services
  • Decreases sick days by increasing employee access to self-care and health treatments

Beating Burnout Benefit

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Implement our Beating Burnout Benefit to help your employees effectively manage and avoid burnout.

46% of HR professionals cite burnout as the key reason for 50% of their team turnover.

The Results:
  • Increases employee engagement by helping reduce employees’ mental and physical fatigue
  • Strengthens recruitment by helping create a competitive and wholistic benefits package
  • Boosts company culture and reputation by creating a more positive and supportive environment

Mental Wellness Benefit

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Implement our Mental Wellness Benefit to help your employees create mindfulness habits and maintain their mental resilience.

40% of employees believe that companies should offer access to and encourage the use of mental wellness activities and training.

The Results:
  • Increases team communication by offering the opportunity for group wellness classes and social connections
  • Supports employee development by offering access to wellness classes and skill development training
  • Boosts hiring rates by giving prospective employees the confidence that wholistic wellness is a priority

Preventative Care Benefit

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Implement our Preventative Care Benefit to give your team a tool to help proactively manage their long-term health.

72% of employers see a reduction in healthcare costs after implementing wellness benefits.*

The Results:
  • Reduces healthcare costs by giving employees access to preventative care like massages and nutrition classes
  • Decreases absenteeism by supporting the day-to-day health of your team and decreasing mild ailments
  • Lowers turnover by creating a supportive culture that employees want to be a part of

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